How Much Does a Video Cost?

Because videos are made to order, it's hard to say how much the perfect video for your business will cost without learning what your needs and goals are. 


That said, Mediashop Productions offers a menu of some standard packages:

Video Packages and Prices

Social Special

Designed for quick, reactive social-media posts and priced so you can post new content several times a week, the Social Special doesn't even require a camera crew! By using stock footage and templates, custom social-ready promos can be created as needed, so you can highlight a special event or ingredient. 1 stock video shot (still or video) with type in one social media format (vertical/horizontal/square): $95

Add additional stock shot: +$25

Add additional format: +$35

Add music: +$40

The Omikase

You decide what to feature in a quick, social-media-friendly (30 seconds or less) video that can include an interview with you, shots of your signature dish, interiors/exteriors and more. Edited for one social platform format (vertical/horizontal/square). Includes music: $395

Add additional platform format: +$90

Recruiting Video

It's a tough hiring market, but video can help sell potential applicants on why your restaurant is the place for them, and give you more options in the hiring process: Career Builder found that employment ads with video got 34% more applications than text alone. A recruiting video can give potential applicants a taste of your culture, let them meet other employees, tell them what your vision is. It's like a pre-interview that you don't even have to be present for, and it works for you 24/7. 1-2 minute video with interviews and interior b-roll: starts at $975

Profile Video

A great addition to your homepage, a 2-3 minute company/establishment profile video will introduce prospective customers to your food, location, products and/or personality. Includes interview, establishing shots, action shots in kitchen and/or dining room, drone shots, graphics and music. Starting at $1900

Demo Video

Make your restaurant, your shop or even yourself the star of your own cooking show. This kind of behind-the-scenes content can increase customer investment and engagement. And yes, you can keep your trade secrets secret - there are ways to shoot around them. Prices start at $1300